Women's Jedi Skort

Pull-on skorts in Recycled Dry-Matic and Sunblock fabric featuring the “Aquarius print”. Two-way stretch, run-resistant and crush-proof and made from high-quality recycled polyamide. The model’s technical look and cool hand makes it all-season-perfect. The effective anti-UV treatment protects the wearer from the sun’s most harmful rays, whilst also bestowing quick-drying properties. Why should you opt for pull-on skorts? Because they don’t dig into the skin, they have no fastenings and they move with your body’s every movement. The best apparel for the perfect swing. Functional zipped micro-pocket, a straight cut and small slits on the hem.
79% Polyamide, 21% Elastane. Pocket covering: 97% Polyester, 3% Elastane. Interior: 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane.