TaylorMade Golf

Summer Commemorative Staff Bag


The 2024 Men’s Summer Commemorative returns to the No. 2 Course at Pinehurst for the fourth time. The Summer Commemorative Staff Bag, and the accompanying accessories draw from traditions that date all the way back to the course’s origins in 1895.

The Summer Commemorative Staff Bag showcases hues of green, sandy white and brown that are found throughout the property.

An anchor on the valuables pocket is a nod to Pinehurst being the first USGA Anchor Site.

A sundial above the ball pocket is an ode to the course’s classic logo, while the 120 Midland Road script at the bottom of the bag marks the resort’s precise location.

Inspired by colorways and images synonymous with the course, the 2024 Men’s Summer Commemorative Staff Bag pays homage to one of our country’s most celebrated golf destinations.