TaylorMade Golf

Professional Championship Staff Bag


Bourbon and Horse Racing—two things that are synonymous with Kentucky. The 2024 Professional Championship Staff Bag features details found in both pastimes, from the ingredients of a Mint Julep to the checkered pattern often found on the uniform of a Jockey.

The details are in the design. This year’s Professional Championship Accessories line features a blue checkered pattern mirroring the design of uniforms worn throughout Derby City. Found around the pattern are roses and mint julep ingredients, which make the event historic.

Lined with the ingredients found in Kentucky’s most famous drink, our 2024 Professional Championship Accessories feature each piece that makes the Mint Julep so special.

Hidden details are aplenty in this year’s bag. On the accessories pouch you will find “Aged 45 Years” resembling the stamp seen on Bourbon bottles to indicate their life span. The 45 years represents TaylorMade’s existence from 1979 to 2024.

On the bottom of the bag, the TaylorMade logo is set in a design similar to a whiskey barrel with “Derby City” text right above it. The handle displays 1:59.40 which is the fastest time recorded in Louisville’s signature horse race. No detail is left behind with the TaylorMade T-Bug logo elegantly placed on each zipper.