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Seaforth Rain Cover


The Seaforth Rain Hood is the waterproof rain cover preferred by tour professionals around the world. The Seaforth Rain Hood is made of lightweight, flexible, and quiet, waterproof nylon. The design has evolved with input from tour professionals and their caddies to give the clubs maximum protection from the elements while allowing easy one-hand access to clubs during play. The hood attaches to the bag quickly and easily with a combination of elastic, snaps, and velcro for a snug fit. There is enough room inside the cover to store a towel during play and when your round is finished the rain hood rolls up to the size of a sleeve of balls for easy storage in your golf bag. You’ve seen it on tour and you’ve seen it on TV. Try it now and find out why our cover is so popular among these professionals and elite amateurs!

  • Lightweight, flexible, quiet & waterproof nylon material.
  • Easy to put on and off.
  • Easy access to golf clubs.
  • Folds small to store in golf bag pocket.
  • Will fit almost every golf bag.