TW757 D Driver


The TW757 Driver features a new patent-pending carbon slot that optimizes the performance from the lower half of the clubface. By using a thinner titanium layer supported by a lighter and more responsive carbon insert, the driver offers more speed, higher launch, less spin, and extra discretionary weighting to maximize distance. Fine Japanese craftsmanship includes premium Toray composites and our tour-validated Honma Vizard shafts. These perfectly pair with the TW757 line’s 460CC D (directional control) carbon fast frame to optimize power off the tee.


1. New Carbon-Slot Technology

2. New Tour Grade Vizard Shafts

3. Updated Carbon Fast Frame

Plus: P-SAT Loft adjustment sleeve keeps shaft spine at 6 o’ clock


The TW757 features not one, but TWO models with dedicated adjustable weights dial in ball-flight.

-Front to Back weighting in 450CC S

-Heel to Toe weighting in 460CC D

The Ti-Carbon Fast Frame has been updated with multiple Honma T//World technologies:
-Ribbed Carbon Crown
-Vertical Rib Slot Face Insert
-Reinforced Crown Rib Structure
-Keel Sole for Low CG & Higher MOI


The P-SAT allows Honma Vizard shafts to keep the spine of the shaft, as well as shaft graphics and grip markings consistently aligned, while not sacrificing the ability to adjust the TW757 Driver for both Loft and Face-Angle to optimize ball flight.
-Adjust Loft +/- 1° Strong or Weak
-Adjust Lie +2° more Upright from Std.
-Adjust Face Angle +/- 1.5° Open or Closed


Hand-rolled at Honma Golf’s factory in Sakata, Japan by “Takumi” (Master Craftsmen), Honma VIZARD shafts maximize club performance through the use of premium advanced carbon materials from Toray Composites, Honma’s world renowned quality control, and are designed synergistically with TW757 Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids and Irons to deliver a seamless “whole-club” player experience.

All Honma VIZARD shafts are spine aligned at 6 o’clock for added stability and control.