TaylorMade Golf

British Open Staff Bag


Celebrate a championship legacy and The Wirral Peninsula with the 2023 British Open Championship Staff bag and headcover collection. Immerse yourself in the story behind this collection.


The overall design was inspired by the championship’s unmistakable scoreboard. The number "23," is stylishly presented like a score, signifying the 2023 playing. The bag also includes a tribute to Cranleigh and Charterhouse Schools, acknowledging their dedicated student volunteers who operate the scoreboard.



Each side panel showcases a different font, paying homage to local rival football clubs and the annual match known as the Merseyside Derby. The wave-debossed pattern on the bag symbolizes the majestic River Mersey that divides The Wirral Peninsula from mainland Great Britain.



Discover a hidden delight within the bag's design—the umbrella pockets resembling the famous "Kingsway" and "Queensway" tunnels that lead to The Wirral. A distinct outline of The Wirral Peninsula is elegantly displayed behind the handle. The presence of the TaylorMade logo marks the location of the renowned course and host site of the 2023 championship.



The bag celebrates the triumphs of golfing icons Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods, prominently displaying their winning scores on either side of the bag. Rory's 271 and Tiger's 270 serve as a testament to their victories in 2014 and 2006, respectively.