Swing Speed Trainer Weights 3PCS


Swing Speed Trainers are great training aids for improving upon your swing speed whilst developing the muscle group that can add more power and distance to your swing. The different weights optimise the way you hit the ball. 


  • Weights can be used interchangeably with the different Pure2Improve Swing Speed Trainer Shafts.
  • Weights are crafted with Alloy
  • Different weights are designed to optimise your training in different ways.
  • Heavier weights aid in the development of muscles for controlled and swift swings. 
  • Lighter weights add speed and distance to your stroke by training your body for quicker speeds.
  • White Weight: 120 g (optimised for Ladies Swing Speed Trainer)
  • Red Weight: 151 g (optimised for Regular Swing Speed Trainer)
  • Black Weight: 185 g (optimised for Stiff Swing Speed Trainer)

Note: Shafts are not included with Swing Speed Weights – Can be purchased separately.