T//World W21


T//World Wedges are beautifully crafted for golfers of all abilities shaped with visible technology that delivers confidence in your short game. The Nickel Chrome finish on the sole and face epitomizes modern elegance in a versatile wedge with advanced performance. 


By overlaying the milling pattern, the face holds and controls the ball and ‘bites’ even on finesse shots around the green to maintain spin performance.


The CNC-milled aluminum module, positioned low in the toe, moves the CG higher to deliver maximum spin performance.


The flat blade design of the 48, 50, 52 and 54 lofted wedges create constant thickness throughout for a mid-to-low CG, optimal spin and precise distance control on full shots.

The reverse taper blade design in the 56, 58 and 60 delivers a high CG that gradually increases in thickness from bottom-to-top and laterally from heel-to-toe, to ensure the ball grips to the club face longer, especially on high face strikes.


Three specific sole grinds optimize turf interaction. I-Sole (48, 50, 52,54) embodies slight trailing edge relief across the back for full sole performance with improved turf release on takeaway and impact. C-Sole (56, 58,60) features an aggressive heel and toe trailing edge relief with a flat bounce surface for shot making versatility around the green. For the ideal flop shot it is easy to open the face. S-Sole (58, 60) designs wide sole with four-way relief for shot making with more forgiveness and higher effectiveness. Wide sole makes it easy to execute shots from a variety of sand and turf conditions.