TW757 Fairway Wood


The TW757’s Fairway tech improvements go the distance in assuring faster initial ball speed, stability, and control. Classic shaping blends a 455-steel cup-face with an ultralight carbon crown to deliver a true player’s Three-Wood.

Vertical slot clubface for mishits from the upper and lower clubface - maintaining initial ball speed and increasing repulsion power across a wide area of the clubface. Tour-proven compact profiles, and a low center of gravity giving TW757 fairway woods the distance you desire and accuracy off the turf.


The Three-Wood in the TW757 series layers in advanced materials and construction where it matters most. A Maraging 455 Steel Cup-Face creates hot ball speed gains, while an Ultralight Carbon Crown allows weight to be redistributed low and deep to help increase launch conditions so you can get home in two.


Optimized progressive sole weighting adopts a shallow and low CG design that results in high trajectory and low spin. This provides the player with playable, strong trajectory that can resist wind while still maximizing carry from a variety of turf conditions.


A fairway wood doesn’t have to be oversized to deliver distance and accuracy. Behind the face of each TW757 Fairway Wood is Honma’s Vertical Rib face design, which along with an advanced sole slot increases initial ball speed and improves weight distribution in a classically shaped, compact head design to inspire confidence for many levels of play.


The exclusive VIZARD for 757 50 Shaft was holistically designed to synergize the TW757 Driver and Fairway Woods from grip to tip. The strong mid-section in conjunction with a sub 5.0° torque value stabilizes club delivery and maximizes energy transfer at impact, while a softer tip provides for high launch and optimal spin. This versatile shaft has a smooth feel and is playable for a wide variety of players looking for a premium ultra-lightweight shaft. As with all VIZARD shafts, this proprietary shaft is spine aligned at 6 o’clock for added stability, and Made in Japan. 

To complement the standard VIZARD for 757 50 Shaft, Honma produces some of the very best shafts in the world for players looking to take their game to the next level through Sakata’s world-renowned Custom Department. Produced in-house in Honma’s Sakata factory to the industry’s tightest tolerances, the VIZARD MA, MP, FZ and Platinum hold their own on professional tours around the world.