Carbon Drive 1.0 with Accessories

€2.590,00 €3.169,00

With its lacquered carbon frame, the JuCad Carbon Drive Trolley convinces with its exclusive workmanship and easy-to-use technology. Thanks to its elegant line layout, with cables and motors integrated into the frame, this model is hardly distinguishable from a manual trolley.


Weighing only 5.5 kilos, this trolley is a real "lightweight" among electric trolleys. Thanks to the resistance of its carbon frame, all golf bags are compatible, whatever their weight.


The JuCad Carbon Drive model also offers maximum technical advantages. Its powerful motors guarantee optimal driving comfort, even on mountainous golf courses. 


After the round, it disassembles in a jiffy and can be put in the caddymaster's locker or in a car trunk.


Technical details

  • Simple operation with stepless rotary speed control.
  • Height-adjustable handle bar.

  • Rotary knob with forward, reverse and freewheel functions.

  • Automatic preset distance control (10-20-30 m).
  • Easy to use without motor in freewheel position.

  • Comfortable ride by traction system with two powerful motors.

  • Shaft-integrated motors.

  • The small battery is positioned in the golf bag.

  • Electronic downhill brake (cruise control).
  • Extremely durable low resistance wheels.
  • Interchangeable tires.

  • Easily removable, flat storage dimensions 65x60x10 cm.

  • Umbrella fixing system for JuCad umbrella.
  • High performance lithium battery for up to 45 holes including charger.
  • Weight of frame and wheels 5.5 kg.


This offer includes: the trolley, a JuCad umbrella (silver) and a scorecard holder (black).