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Trackman Technology for Club Fitting

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

TrackMan, the high-tech launch monitor used by the best players in the world, can also help you get fitted with the perfect golf club set-up to maximize your game and enjoyment. Here’s how.

Trackman 4, the latest iteration, uses technology that has evolved into a cutting-edge camera/radar hybrid solution to track every part of a golfer’s game. Trackman’s patented OERT (Optically Enhanced Radar Tracking) system uses multi sensor technology, comprising dual-radar and a HD camera to measure time-synchronised data together to deliver true and extremely accurate multi-dimensional clubhead tracking.

It’s this combination of technology that makes Trackman such a popular choice among some of the best players in the world as they try to improve their swing and shot shaping and find the perfect club set-up – and it could help you too.

The tech tracks the ball from the moment of impact through every inch of its flight until the ball’s landing position, but it also tracks the club and face impact location. This data can show things like ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, curvature, the angle of descent and more. It can also show the clubhead’s path, reveal whether the face was open, closed or square at the moment of impact and whether the club was swinging up or down as it approached the ball.

A trained club fitter can spot some of these things, but Trackman quantifies all of them into real data and makes club fitting as close to an exact science as is currently possible, helping all golfers find the ideal combination of heads, shafts and golf balls.

Trackman also has over 100 simulator courses, full putting analysis, club fitting software, swing video software, online tournaments and skills testing. Then there’s Tracy, who is the Trackman’s AI assistant, who carries out advanced analysis of all types of shot pattern and then makes prioritised and personalised recommendations for critical areas of your game to help you improve. Plus, as well as outdoors, Trackman can also be used indoors as part of simulator setups.

It’s not surprising then that Trackman units have now become a fixture in club fitting environments. Going to see a local golf professional or club fitter at a golf store to get clubs customized for your game will make a huge difference. Club fitting ensures the length of the clubs is suited to your height as well as the loft, the lie, the shaft, and the grips. Having these adjustments made will allow a golfer to make contact with the ball easier while swinging and have their clubs match their swing style.

Trackman has become the perfect tool to enable this. For example, the next time you buy a driver, club fitting using Trackman can help you in a number of ways. Driver models have different launch and spin characteristics, and you want to find one that delivers your optimal ball flight. A club fitter using Trackman can analyze the many variables that have a direct correlation to your ball flight, such as clubhead speed, angle of attack, impact location, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, curve, maximum height, landing angle, distance and accuracy.

Getting clubs fitted using a track monitor like Trackman 4 will help you find the perfect clubs and set-up which will improve your overall game and level of enjoyment.

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